Ryan Reynolds Gets a Colonoscopy After Losing a Bet; shares a video to raise awareness

Ryan Reynolds has lost a bet from fellow actor Rob McElhenny.

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Ryan Reynolds’ colonoscopy revealed the actor has a polyp.

On Tuesday, September 13th Dead Pool Actor Ryan Reynolds shared a video on his official Instagram account. The video revealed he underwent a colonoscopy after losing a bet that revealed a subtle polyp in his colon.

The actor wrote in a video: “I made a bet with @robmcelhenney. I lost. But it still paid off. Thanks to @LeadFromBehind @DrLaPook & @nyulangone”

Ryan Reynolds, the co-chairman of Welsh football team Wrexham AFC, has placed a bet with fellow actor, friend and football team co-chairman Rob McElhenney. The bet was that if Rob could learn the Welsh language, he would free guy The actor will document a video of himself receiving a colonoscopy.

Well Rob was able to learn Welsh and Ryan lost the bet but he received important information about his health.

After losing the bet, Ryan is seen entering the medical facility. “Normally I would never put a medical procedure on camera and then have it shared. You can’t raise awareness every day about something that will definitely save lives.”

“That’s motivation enough for me to show you how a camera is shoved up my butt,” the actor continued.

In the video, Ryan’s doctor, Dr. Lapook: “You prepared so well that I was able to locate an extremely subtle polyp that was located on the right side of your colon.”

“It was potentially life-saving for you. I’m not joking. I’m not overly dramatic. That’s exactly why you’re doing this. They had no symptoms,” the doctor added.

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