A guide to Paris by designer Alexandra Golovanoff

Golovanoff v Le Voltaire na nábřeží Voltaire

I was born in Paris, but my family lived between there and Moscow during my early childhood. I remember that the buildings and avenues in Moscow seemed very large, so I always preferred the size of Paris. We ended up settling in the 16th arrondissement on the right bank. It’s very chic, very green. We … Read more

My 100km race around Mont Blanc

Závodníci na CCC startují v italském Courmayeur

In my opinion, there is no mountain location more inspiring than the French town of Chamonix, which perhaps explains why, a year after watching the world’s best ultra runners around the highest peak of the Alps as a spectator, I found myself back on the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc for my own 100km race. Interest in … Read more