How to ask a teenager if they are suicidal

Jak se zeptat teenagera, jestli cítí sebevraždu

For many adults, discussing suicide with a teenager can be difficult. They may be afraid to put the thought into the teen’s mind, even though research shows that simply asking about thoughts or feelings about suicide does not increase a person’s risk of suicide. Then there is language. Should the conversation be short or deep? … Read more

8 organizations working to close the gender gap in education – and how to help them

8 organizací pracujících na řešení genderové propasti ve vzdělávání – a jak jim pomoci

You may not spend a lot of time thinking about the gender gap in education – meaning the difference in education between boys and girls – but you should. These differences affect people from childhood to adulthood, through career choices and beyond. Girls and boys receive different messages (both implicit and explicit) about who is … Read more

Yelp’s latest alerts users to Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Nejnovější funkce Yelpu upozorňuje uživatele na centra krizového těhotenství

Yelp, a site for community-based reviews and business ideas, has announced that it is expanding the site’s features to help users find out about medical abortion care. A new consumer notification alerts visitors when they find Crisis Pregnancy Center’s (also known as CPC) Yelp business page. Such clinics are called “women’s clinics,” and they present … Read more