Apple Watch Series 8 introduces new fertility tracking tools

The Apple Watch Series 8 will herald in Apple’s new integrated features, which include body temperature tracking based on ovulation using a new sensor.

Unveiled at Apple’s event on Wednesday, the new Apple Watch features additional health features described in part as a “commitment to women’s health” – which will hopefully empower users to be more informed about fertility and health management. .

The new Apple Watch body temperature sensor monitors the temperature of your wrist at night, taking digital readings every five seconds to see changes over time while you’re resting or sleeping, which Apple described as a reliable indicator of body temperature.

Changes in body temperature have been used to detect the so-called “biphasic shift”, or changes in body temperature due to hormonal changes during ovulation. It’s also referred to online as “body temperature tracking,” as well. Prior to this technological upgrade, this change was monitored manually using a home thermometer and a manual. And it has also become a growing topic of social media and sexuality education discussions.

According to Apple, the Apple Health app will provide recurring ovulation statistics using this reading. This will inform users of their known fertility and menstrual cycles so that they can participate in birth control or record their menstrual and hormone levels to inform their healthcare providers. And since changes in body temperature can also indicate other health problems, the new sensor could have many health applications, as well.

But detailed fertility tracking is a concern for many in the post-Roe privacy world, and for good reason. The legalization of abortion care and the erosion of reproductive rights have forced many tracking programs to periodically hide their privacy and encourage people to be cautious about sharing their health information unless absolutely necessary. Privacy experts continue to be cautious about data collection.

Apple has made it clear that privacy is “a top priority” for the new development, however, assuring Apple event watchers that the newly collected information is only stored on Apple devices. That’s what experts told Mashable are critical to how certain companies store your personal information. The technology company, which emphasized that data security and privacy as a “human right” of users at the event, says that two-factor authentication, strong passcodes, and end-to-end encryption of iCloud storage ensure that users save. controlling what fertility data is collected, where it is stored, and who owns it.

The new Apple Watch Series 8 has some exciting new features, and one that has implications for all users. But in an era where Big Tech continues to become more private, and where our government has failed to protect people’s everyday privacy, it’s important for technology users to be informed and vigilant about sharing their information.

As the tech giant explained in announcing the Apple event, “Your health is yours and yours alone.”

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