Big Salad

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Big Salad

Big Salad:

The big salad is more of a concept than a recipe. Simply follow the basics and you’ll have a happy salad every time. This is usually what I reach for when I don’t know what to eat but I want something healthy and satisfying.

There are plenty of great salads that break the rules, but they are usually better as a complement to a meal rather than a dinner in themselves.

Dressing ( Big Salad ) :


2 parts olive oil 1 part vinegar or

lemon juice

squirt of dijon mustard

salt and pepper


2 parts yogurt 1 part olive oil

squirt of lemon salt and pepper


onion, finely diced garlic, finely diced

chili pepper, finely diced

poppy seeds

herbs, finely chopped

juice squeezed from grated ginger

dried spices miso paste soy sauce honey maple syrup

smoked paprika any leftover sauce

Making your own  salad  dressing  is as simple as can be. Decide whether you want a vinaigrette or a yogurt- based dressing, then mix together the appropriate ingredients. Adjust each element until the dressing is delicious.

Obviously, there are many options for pre-made dressing, but I really encourage you to make your own.

Sometimes, I just put lemon juice or spiced oil on my salad and call it a day.

Try adding some leftover sauce or a new herb to a regular yogurt or vinaigrette. These are just a few suggestions, but do experiment! Dressings are not difficult; if you’re only making a small amount, a failed experiment is no big deal.

ideas Big Salad:


  • Start your big salad with any leafy green or a combination of your favourites. Try lettuce, spinach, radicchio, cabbage, dandelion leaves, and/or herbs.
  • Chop or tear your greens into bite-sized pieces. Don’t use only herbs—the flavour will be too strong— but a few herbs among other greens gives a nice bite.


  • The savoury taste of protein is a nice contrast with bitter greens. Incorporating proteins is a great way to use up leftovers without eating the same meal twice.
  • Protein gives your salad body and makes it feel like a real meal. Try hard-boiled eggs, chickpeas, beans, cheese, pressed tofu, edamame, or leftover cooked meat.


  • Add any other vegetables or fruits you have on hand. Instead of chopping fibrous vegetables like carrot and fennel, grate or peel them.
  • Try tomato, cucumber, corn, dates, carrot, berries, orange slices, olives, fennel, avocado, radishes—anything you can make bite-sized.


  • Ingredients that are crunchy and maybe a little salty will turn your salad from merely edible to thoroughly delightful. Add them after your dressing.
  • The crunch of lettuce on its own usually isn’t enough to satisfy me. Try croutons, chunks of day-old bread, tortilla chips, nuts, seeds, crackers, or bacon.

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