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CARIBOU BACON WRAPS : These delicious morsels have morphed over the years. As sometimes happens in our remote locations, this adaptation evolved from the need to make a favourite appetizer with the ingredients at hand.

While at one of our most remote outcamps, with no water chestnuts on the shelf and a dwindling supply of oil, this recipe emerged from the mind of a quick thinking chef and two existing favourites: Duck Taste Teasers with Bacon & Water Chestnuts (Blueberries & Polar Bears) and Venison Hot Shots (Cranberries & Canada Geese). We haven’t looked back since! This is now the go-to recipe!



1-1 1/2 lb.      caribou meat (or moose, goose, duck or beef), cut into bite-sized cubes 450 – 680 g

8 oz.             cream cheese block (not spreadable)                                                        250 g

pickled jalapenos, sliced

2 lb.             bacon slices, cut in half (or thirds, if you are using thick bacon)                                                                                                              908 g round toothpicks for assembly

Meat marinade (optional, we suggest if using moose):

ranch dressing


  1. The day before assembling your wraps, use ranch dressing to marinate your meat, just enough to coat Place the meat in a plastic or glass container, cover and marinate overnight. If you have a favourite meat marinade you should feel free to experiment.
  2. When you’re ready to assemble your wraps, lay out all your ingredients as follows: (L to R) bacon,cubed meat, cream cheese, jalapeño slices, toothpicks.
  3. Take a half slice of bacon, place a cube of meat at one end, top with a teaspoon of cream cheese, add a slice of jalapeño, roll tightly and spear with a
  4. Repeat Step 3 until all wraps are
  5. Wraps can be cooked fresh or frozen for future If freezing, place in rows on a cookie sheet, put cookie sheet in the freezer until wraps are frozen and then transfer to freezer bags or containers.
  6. When you’re ready to cook your wraps, preheat BBQ to extra If cooking from frozen, BBQ on high for approximately 20 minutes. If cooking from fresh, BBQ on high for 12 minutes. Wraps are done when bacon is a bit crispy, but the caribou is still pink inside

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