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How to prepare spaghetti:

Take one package of vermicelli or spaghetti, and put it into a saucepan, crushing it in the
hand, then put in hot water, and salt a little more than will suit the taste, and boil for an
While the vermicelli or spaghetti is cooking, take a quart of milk and heat three-quarters—
or 24 ounces—of it until it boils. Then stir into the eight ounces of cold milk a level cupful
of flour, or two tablespoonfuls of flour, pretty well heaped, and then stir the thickened milk
into the boiling milk and cook slowly for ten minutes.
Then add three-quarters of a pound of good, ripe, old American cheese, and about half a
pound of butter. Then drain the water off the vermicelli or spaghetti and put in from one and
one half pints to a quart of canned tomatoes. Heat the vermicelli or spaghetti to the boiling
point; and while the mixture of cheese, butter, milk and flour is still hot, stir the two
together, then keep hot and serve hot. Do not boil any more, because further boiling would
tend to cause the tomatoes to coagulate the milk in the mixture. I prefer to use a mixture of
spaghetti and vermicelli instead of all spaghetti or all vermicelli.



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